Please find a template for folder structure/commentary file you need to submit here.

Assignment 1 – Imaginary Soundscape

Module Assessment Weighting: 25%

Create a soundscape that uses imaginative musical techniques to convey the events in the brief supplied in class on week 1. Assignment 1 needs to be submitted as a high quality compressed audio file i.e. an AAC (.m4a) stereo file (at sample rate 44.1kHz and bit rate e.g. 256kbps or better). Maximum length is 2:30 min.

Compose a soundscape about an imaginary journey based on a haiku of your choice or one that you write. You can use any sound material and editing tool you would like.

Further information for this task can be found in outline for week 01.

”Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution.” — A. Einstein.

Assignment 2 – Music for a Short Film

Module Assessment Weighting: 25%

Create music to a short film, where your music needs to convey emotions and scene settings in the video. Your composition should be informed by an understanding of issues discussed in class relating to film music. A short video for this task will be supplied in class in week 3, however if you would like to use another short film, please discuss with your module tutor.

You can find the video material for A2 in this dropbox folder.

Assignment 3 – Music for a Moving Image

Module Assessment Weighting: 50%

You may either work with material supplied in week 5, or with material of your own choice, however the later has to be discussed with your tutor. For this task you can either focus on making narrative music for a film, background music for game or focus on creating sound design for a film or a game. Of course you can submit a video with both, your music and sound design.

You can find the video material for A3 in here:

  • 01 Public domain clips [dropbox];
  • 02 ARU short film [shown in week 05, can be handed over by tutor]
  • 03 Games (gameplay videos) [dropbox];

Clarification to A3 is given in week 05 lecture.

Further information

Assignments 2 and 3 need to be submitted as high quality compressed video file i.e. MPEG-4 file (.mp4).

Besides the 1) audio/video file and the 2) short written report, each assignment needs to also include a 3) list of technical equipment used i.e. software and hardware used, 4) reference to borrowed sounds from libraries and 4) screen-shots of your mixer, arrange/track windows and relevant automations in your DAW.

Once you finish task 2 and 3 (you added your audio to the movie clip), you also need to use a video editing software (Premier is on the Hel040 computers) to add your name or student number and your work at the start of the film where it says ‘SN:’.

SN: Krisztian Hofstadter (music)
SN: Krisztian Hofstadter (sound design)
SN: Krisztian Hofstadter (music and sound design)


“I have made this longer than usual because I have not had time to make it shorter.” source

Your critical commentary for each assignment should be around 300-500 words. Please try not to go under or beyond this word count. For referencing, please use Harvard system.

Please find a template for folder structure/commentary file you need to submit here.