MOD000556 – Laptop Performance

Module tutor: Krisztián Hofstädter (email <>)
Module leader: Dr Richard Hoadley


Thursday 14:00 – 17:00 in Hel029 (Recital Hall)

Module guide and outline

All important information can be found in the module guide. The outline in the module guide is brief, a detailed outline each week will be added to this website gradually. Bookmark it!


Students need to submit their tasks on a USB stick to the iCentre.
Information on task can be found in the module guide.

Deadline: Monday 8 May 2pm (iCentre)

Please find a template for folder structure/report file for submission here. Please download it and use it as a template before submission.

Assignment Criteria

Your work will be marked according to the criteria set out in the document Artefact Creation.

  • Due to differences in student’s technical and compositional skills, the outline in the module guide can be subject to change.