Swimming – theatre play – Fringe 2014 Edinburgh

‘Three teenagers trapped on the Isle of Wight, desperate to make their mark on the world. But is the pull of the past too strong?

Under starry skies and seaside lights, Jack, Lucy and Milly are spending their summer working in a greasy seaside café. Behind the banter, bravado and occasional hangover, the three teens struggle with past heartache, disconnection and anxiety about a future they just can’t seem to start living.’

Storytelling to perfection ***** ThreeWeeks Believable, powerful and quite genuinely heartbreaking. ***** Fest  [more reviews]

Writer: Jane Upton (blog), Director: Paul Bourne (blog), Producer: Emily Murray, Cast: Jack Bence, Jessica Madsen and Grace Watts; Theatre company: Menagerie 


Menagerie with Paul Bourne