Stormbrothers Game

A mobile game about two Viking brothers on their quest to become Viking men. Swipe your way around obstacles and up the mountain. Prepare to face the challenges of the magical Nordic mountain! The game is playable on PC and Android and is under further development. Melody patterns generated algorithmically with Focus, SuperCollider software.

Music written in SuperCollider and Logic Studio;

Organiser: Creative Front, Cambridgeshire, Stormbrothers on Facebook

Last Stand Team: Brian Cox (code), Jos Balcaen (tech art), Fries Boury (code), Oscar Kuijken (art), Hendrik Coppens (art) and Joachim Coppens (level designer, 3D artist and project manager as well as myself (music and sound design). Last Stand was visiting the major gaming companies in Cambridge in Summer 2013, here an article on creative front about it.


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Further Information

The prototype of the game was created at Brain’s Eden Game Jam 2013 in Cambridge where it ended up being runner up from 31 teams from over europe. The prototype of the game was made in 48 hours with two programmers, two artists and one technical artist and myself for sound design and composition. Since then it was shown at Gamescom 2013.

Brian and Hendrik took the game to the Autodesk University Conference 2013 in Las Vegas where it has received very good feedback and will possibly get some funding as well.

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