Microsoft Research Centre, HCI2009, Cambridge Conference

This EEG project was demonstrated with the ARU Digital Performance Laboratory on the HCI2009, Cambridge Conference. The project incorporates the creative use of Brainwaves (EEG) with Neuro-Feedback Training. The idea is to relax the mind to get awarded with sounds in a rhythmically evolving pattern. An Arduino installation is added, where the brain data is used to pull branches on a grotesque tree like object. The moving installation is concerned to be an artistic representation of the mind.

  • Max/MSP, Logic Pro 7 and Arduino (JAVA);
  • Interactive Brainwave Analyser (IBVA) and Arduino;
  • Max/MSP external: • f0.limit_counter • ibvaGet.mxo;

(pdf) An investigation of the use of EEG data for the purposes of sonification and visualisation in a creative environment – dissertation.

Further notes and images

I adopted Mark David Hosale‘s “Max2Arduino4Servo” code  to move the installation. The project was planned to be extended with an H-Bridge chip to change the speed of some DC motors… perhaps later.