Language of the Age

Algorithmic/Generative Composition and Microsound project

A ‘rhythm maker’ using three oscillators as source. A sinus-, a saw- tooth and a triangle-wave. When adding them to each other at low frequencies, the audible microscopic cracks create interesting rhythms. This software was a major project submission for a Creative Music Programming taught by Richard Hoadley.

SuperCollider, Max/MSP.

External MaxMSP library: bonk.

Cambridge, Anglia Ruskin University, Creative Music Technology.

Further notes

Using filters, and bonk~ [max/MSP external] I was able to utilise the attacks (time and volume) of the microsounds generated with the collision. The attack and amplitude data is used to trigger 1) samples in Max/Msp, 2) two algorithmically changing oscillators (SinOsc, Saw) and a 3) Granular Synthesiser in Supercollider.
I also incorporated visuals in the patch. In Jitter [Max/Msp] the camera is used to employ movements that alter the duration and the position of the grains played with “Tgrains”, an object in Supercollider.