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Pictures of You -Hotbed 2015, Cambridge


Video production, sound-design and photography.

Written by Craig Baxter | Produced by Menagerie

Part of Menagerie’s What’s Up Doc? Series where playwrights are paired with Academic Collaborators

Collaborator: Dr Martina Di Simplicio of the MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit, Cambridge.

Inspired by the ‘mental imagery’, emotion and the study and treatment of bipolar disorder, Pictures of You presents the intriguing meeting of two friends after many years apart. Full of unexpected lightness, warmth and love, the play explores the challenge of recalling the past and picturing the future… (source Menagerie)

Showreel for Games


StormBrothers – project info – Dynamite Jack* / Galcon – OIO* / Uncanny Games – GRID2* / Codemasters – Deadly Escape – project info – LOPi – project info – Trime2* / Frozenbyte – X2* / Egosoft – Mountain Eagle – project info – Flow* / That Game Company [ * alternative soundtrack ]

Showreel for Film


Guaira – 3D animation short-film and Environmental Reel by Cristian LeonThe Sue – dark short-film by Radek Szaraniec,  Luzhin Defence – alternative soundtrack project, IceflowerGabriella Sandor

Mountain Eagle – 3D Game

The prototype of the game was created at Brain’s Eden Game Jam 2013 in Cambridge where it ended up being runner up in mobile award from 31 teams from over Europe. The trial version of the game was made in 48 hours. Play the game online: unity link.

Programming by Alex Redshaw, Eric Venables and Sam Spark.
Art by Ryan White and Amy Hook.

Event: Brain’s Eden Game Jam 2013.



2009 | Sound Design and Composition for Short Films and Animations

Sound design and music for the 3D animation, Guaira.

Music for a short film by Radek Szaraniec. Dark.

Alternative incidental music for the climax in the movie Luzhin Defence by Marleen Gorris.

Drum and bass track made for visuals.