Pint Of Science, Cambridge, 2016| Dr Belin – Deciphering Addiction Artwork

tEdör – Compulsive Music Waves 01.

This music video is my personal reflection to Dr David Belin’s work on addictions: I am addicted to a certain type of tea and monotone music. I composed the music with an algorithmic sequencer that I develop for Brain Computer Music Interfacing and made the video about my morning tea ceremony with a mobile phone held with a goose-neck phone holder twisted around my neck. The sequencer software is built to be used with neuro-feeback training protocols to manipulate musical soundscapes in a audio game environment where the listener’s real time EEG changes the sound. The tea is from Tedor Tea, of course 🙂

credits: Jonathan Noel (poem) | Chen Xi (drawing)

More info on Pint of Science, Cambridge here.

Picture (left) courtesy of Kelcy Davenport

Made with Focus Sequencer: