Music PhD student at ARU, Cambridge and freelance creative technologist living in Colchester, Essex.


0.2 Music Technical Officer
@ Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge (03/2015 – present)

Maintaining the music, computer, audio resources and other physical resources in the department. I provide technical support to students and staff and troubleshoot and resolve technical issues. I update software in OSX and do live sound and studio engineering with a variety of hardware and software.

Visiting Lecturer of Computer Programming for Musical Applications
@ University of Bedfordshire, Luton (10/2014 – 05/2015)

SuperCollider programming with audio synthesis and sampling
Covered material: SuperCollider language; SuperCollider architecture; Basics of Object Orientated Programming (OOP); Audio synthesis and sampling; Sequencing with Routines, Clocks, Patterns; Interfacing with HID, Arduino and high-end DAW e.g. Logic X; outline

Visiting Lecturer of Creative Music Technology
@ Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge (09/2014 – 01/2015)

Sensor technology for making music.
Covered material: Arduino with various sensors, Kinect, Leap, Brain Computer Interfacing with IBVA and Neurosky and programming with C, smalltalk, Max/MSP and processing. outline

Freelance Creative Technologist
@ Tedor – multimedia solutions, Cambridge (2013 – Present)

1) Composer and sound designer for various media such as theatre plays, games and films – with Logic, SuperCollider and Max.
2) Web designer and developer with WordPress, Bootstrap and Adobe Photoshop.
3) Video producer – with Adobe Premier and Final Cut Studio.
4) Software designer, programmer – developing audio software.

Visiting Lecturer of Creative Music Technology
@ Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge (2011 – 2012)

I taught final year students in ‘Creative Music Technology’. The module involves introduction to Arduino [C] and its use with audio software environments such as SuperCollider [smalltalk], Max/MSP, as well as Open Sound Control and Processing [JAVA] for visual programming.

Demonstrations of student works and outline for the module can be found here.

Assistant Manager and Art Events Organiser and Chef
@ CB1 Internet Cafe, Cambridge, (2011 – 2014)

Besides general manager duties, I focused on organising and developing the venues art life:

Managing Cambridge’s most artistic internet cafe, I organised musical events [experimental electronica, hip-hop, acoustic, …] and visual art exhibitions, besides developing websites as well as maintaining excellent catering. More here:

Radio Engineer and Production Assistant
@ John Levine’s ‘Happy and Health Hour’ Radio Show, Cambridge (2008 – 2009)

As a radio engineer I set up and operated radio broadcast equipment and as a production assistant I helped prepare John’s radio shows.


PhD in Music Student
@ Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge (2015 – 2018)

MA Creative Music Technology for Media
@ Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge (2009 – 2013)

Subjects studied including: programming, marketing music, perspectives of sonic art practice, …

BA (Hons) Creative Music Technology
@ Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge (2006 – 2009)

Important modules involved: audio programming with SuperCollider and Max/MSP, audio production in Logic for film and acousmatic music, studio practice and recording.

Cultural Organiser, Community Organisation and Advocacy
@ Eötvös József College, Pedagogical Faculty, Hungary (2000 – 2004)

Skills acquired: pedagogic skills, organising events, critical thinking, social skills, cultural awareness, data analysis.

PTLLS, Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector
@ Cambridge Regional College (2011)

CELTA,  Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults
@ Cambridge Regional College (2011)


We have commissioned Kris on a number of occasions to compose music and soundscapes for a wide variety of productions. He created the full support score for our production of SWIMMING by Jane Upton which was produced in co-production with The Colchester Mercury and Bury Theatre Royal. The haunting score for this piece gave an evocative context to the work that powerfully helped to drive the piece through light texture into darker scenes. Throughout this process he both led and responded to the changing nature of the piece and his composition was always in harmony with the complicated layers of the piece; both driving it emotionally and leaving space for reflection.

Most recently Kris has composed a soundscape and score for our production of PICTURES OF YOU a new piece that required a composition to reflect a bi-polar world and associated vision and sound intrusions of the main character. Again he did this with creative sensitivity.

Kris is also a good sound engineer as well as composer, we always find it a great experience collaborating with him.
> Paul Bourne, Director at Menagerie


I have worked with Krisztián during the Brain’s Eden gamejam in 2013 for our project called Stormbrothers. Krisztián showed dedication and skill from the moment he joined our team and came with fantastic results in a very short amount of time by providing us with music and sound effects he created for our game. Not only did he support us with great audio, he also supported us throughout the entire night to finish our project by providing us with a nice working environment and fantastic tea! A big plus to any videogame development team.
> Brain Cox UI & Game Flow Engineer at Rare
 rare_logo  brains_buttonv2


I unexpectedly worked with Krisztian during a gamejam and was very impressed with his level of professionalism and speed of workflow. Not only is he a good composer, he knows how to deal with feedback, adjust accordingly and manages to do all this under time pressure, which is vital in the game industry.
> Hendrik Coppens, 3D Artist at Goodgame Studios

goodgame  brains_buttonv2


I had the pleasure of working with Krisztián for a couple years at university and also for my final degree project delivering an amazing job with the creation of the soundtrack and audio design for a short animated film, I found him very knowledgeable, diligent and consistent with his work.
During this period of studies Krisztián also got involved in many extra curricular activities such exhibitions and degree shows then rapidly he became well known for his creative talent
I strongly recommend Krisztián to anyone looking for a talented and passionate sound designer
> Cristian León, Artist at Supermassive Games Ltd


Krisztián is a fine composer. He created a music and all that fancy sound design to my final project called “The Sue”. Im Happy I’ve got a chance to work with him… He is excellent musician and excellent sound-designer. Im looking forward to work with him again!
> Radek Szaraniec, Co-owner at Funky Lama Pictures

funky lama


Krisztian worked with our team of volunteers to produce our fortnightly show called ‘John Levine’s Happy & Health Hour’. He was only too happy to help any way he could which included sound engineering and production assistant.It was a pleasure working with him.
John B. Levine, Owner at Silence Of Music


I have recently worked with Krisztián on a remix project and can recommend him for his compositional skills, organisation and enthusiasm.

I performed at one of the CB1 electronic events that Krisztián organised and attended a number of others. The events were all well organised, and had a broad selection of music which was both interesting and entertaining.
> Chris Mann,  Artist/Musician @ Prods in the Dark




We had a great time working together on a video game project at university. Krisztian did the sound effects and background music providing a unique and relevant atmosphere for the game. I found him professional, passionate and thorough with his work. I can recommend him with full confidence.
Jozsef Liszkai, Project Coordinator at Crick Software Ltd

crick software


Krisztián is a serious and committed sound artist and music technologist. As a lecturer he was particularly patient with students, putting in all of his efforts to make sure they understood the subject and remained engaged. Working with Krisztián was a pleasure and given his excellent work ethic, his personal manners and his thoughtful attitude, I can fully recommend him as a professional and as an artist.
Julio d’Escrivan,  Senior Lecturer at University of Huddersfield


Krisztian is a Visiting Lecturer at the University of Bedfordshire, where he teaches the unit Computer Programming for Musical Applications. … I can confirm that Krisztian does his teaching job very well. He is very helpful for students and diligent.
> Dr Torsten Anders, Course Leader, Music Technology University of Bedfordshire


I had the pleasure of having Krisztian as my lecturer for Sensor Technology in my final year at Anglia Ruskin University. His lectures were enjoyable, informative and challenging, and enabled me to produce work to a very high standard. Krisztian is an intelligent and gifted musician, and I look forward to collaborating more with him in the future.
Dylan Vadamootoo, Sound Designer at Sony Computer Entertainment




During Krisztian’s teaching I learnt the basic and in depth coding for creating performance tools with Max Msp & Processing. He is a very talented teacher who engages with students and pushes them to try and get the best out the module. His is easy to talk to and has extensive knowledge of coding. I wouldnt of got the “First Class Honours” marks for his module without his help during the 12 weeks. Thanks Krisztian!
James Rogers, Composer/Sound designer at Simple Sonic Studios



This man knows his stuff. Krisztián was a great lecturer whilst I was studying at ARU Cambridge, empowering me as a student to gain an increased level of attainment. He lectured in Sensor Technology, giving accurate and constructive feedback, knowledgable and undivided assistance when tackling coding issues. He helped me gain a great mark in the subject which contributed to me achieving a 1st overall.
Krisztián is also a great composer and music technologist. An all-round pleasure to work with.
James Utting, Transfer Assistant at Factory Studios Ltd



Kris has been assisting with my projects for several years.  I have found him competent, reliable and responsive (quite apart form being a pleasant chap.) Kris has created the website for the video ‘Dance of Light’ project He undertook extensive work on the video ‘From Plaster to Bronze’.  For technical reasons Kris reconstructing the entire video and competently worked with the sound, both of the narrator Richard Heffer and the sounds of the Bronze Age Fine Art Foundry. Currently Kris is working on my second website, showing both technical and artistic ability.
Rhea Quien, Artist and Educational Kinesiologist


Krisztian is very focused, communicative and highly creative at electronic music composing. I hired him to make some music for a video, and the result was well beyond my expectations. He is extremely talented in understanding messages, capturing nuances and putting together various elements that not only sound great, but also fit the video content perfectly. If you need a piece of tailored, high-quality music for visual materials, I would definitely recommend Krisztian!
Antonia Yanxi Wu, Freelance English-Chinese Translator/Interpreter


Krisztián helped me to set up some Transition events at the cafe which were to do with community, environment and lifestyle, which involved showing films and hosting discussions. For over two years now they have been running, although someone else is hosting them now, and I would call it a success.
This would not have been possible without Krisztián, firstly to facilitate the conversation about using the cafe for this purpose, and secondly to mediate between the staff in an amicable and empathic way, so that people were available to support the events. I felt that Krisztián understood the vision behind these, and championed them from the very beginning.
He saw that local community was incredibly valuable, yes to the business but also the well-being of the people in the area, in sustaining the wonderful culture of the cafe, and supporting the principles of the Transition movement. He was able to make the case in a way that suited the needs of each stakeholder, and also went on to further nurture the community with a range of vegan pot lucks and music nights of his own design.
As a principled and insightful man, Krisztián will improve any organisation he works for.
Oscar Gillespie, Green Party Cambridge


Krisztián invited me to perform a live set at one of the CB1 electronic evenings in 2012. Unfortunately his invitaion came at a point when most of my gear was in storage while I was waiting to move to a new flat. So although flattered I reluctantly had to refuse. But after attending one of the CB1 events as an observer I was inspired by the inviting atmosphere, rich range of underground music & the enthusiasm of the attending crowd. So I threw together the makings of a set with the limited resources I had to hand & finally agreed to his request.

Speaking as performer & audience member Krisztián succeeded at managing the venue to provide a series of atmospheric, low key, alternative music events which worked really well.
Shawn Wynne, Sound & Digital Imaging,


In his role as manager of CB1 Cafe, Krisztián hosted several events that we organised as part of Transition Cambridge. He was very well organised and made sure that his staff knew about our events. He was always welcoming and went out of his way to help us run the events. I would thoroughly recommend him as a conscientious, kind and helpful manager, able to keep a place running and keep track of activities and people.
Anna McIvor, Post-doctoral research associate


Krisztián is a hard-working manager that handles unexpected situations on a daily basis. To ensure that everything is running smoothly, he is observant and has initiated several procedures which have been used as routines to improve the efficiency of the business.
He is well connected in the art circle in Cambridge, organising performances and exhibitions regularly which, with his innovative promotions and web design skills, have significantly increased the popularity and revenue of the café.
Aislinn Tully, Former General Manager at CB1 Ltd.